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Mastering (Part III): Acting

You have explored and built the foundations of your graduate school career. It is time to MASTER the habits and skills you gained in the last two phases or your journey. The mastering phase encompasses your entire third academic year summer, totaling three semesters. There will be lots of trial and error, but they are each an invaluable lesson, as you get a clearer picture of who you are and what you want.

Acting on your Mastery of Grad Student Skills

This module is the third out of a series of three modules that constitute the mastering phase. It is titled Acting on your Mastery of Grad Student Skills (Phase Three).

Typically, we recommend the second Mastering Lesson for students within their third year, fall semester (90-100 credits) of their undergraduate studies, but everyone is on a slightly different journey throughout preparing for graduate school.

This module is structured around key checkpoints that we will detail through writing, activities, podcasts and videos. Feel free to click in linear fashion or jump around as you see fit.

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