The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or other admissions tests, can be a large part of the application process. Register and prepare by studying in advance. Schedule an appointment with an AAP Peer Advisor for help in creating a study schedule. 

Plan Your Fellowships and Graduate School Applications

Don’t get too overwhelmed with fellowship and graduate school applications. Outline what you have to collect, complete and request before deadlines.

Start Submitting Applications

Start your applications early so that you can see the requirements for each application. How long should you draft your statements? Where should your transcripts be sent to the school?

Write a statement that speaks to your skills and academic strengths. Complete a resume, or curriculum vitae, with the help of Career Services

Order official transcripts from all of the academic institutions you have attended.

Learn the art of asking professors and staff members for strong recommendation letters that speak to your intellectual abilities and character. Check out the next AAP Workshop to help you get started. 

Accept Offers by April 15th

Let graduate schools know in time whether or not you will attend.