Grad Prep Peer Coaching

Are you thinking about graduate school and aren’t sure where to start? AAP’s Grad Prep Peer Knights can help you navigate your next steps towards preparing for graduate school applications. 

Graduate School Preparation Peer Coaching is another resource that Academic Advancement Programs offers to help all students meet continuously with an advisor to prepare for graduate school. This semester, we have transitioned to fully online appointments!

Appointments Available Online via Zoom

Mondays 9AM-12 PM

1PM -4 PM
Tuesdays 9AM-12PM


1PM- 4PM 



Note: To schedule your appointment with a particular Pre-Grad Advisor, please email to inquire about the Advisor’s hours scheduled for the week. Then, schedule your appointment during their hours. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule an appointment for an advising meeting. You will be directed to the appointment scheduler (Calendly) after you complete the Resource Request Form.

Pre-Grad students should follow the two steps below to meet with an advisor:

  1. Tell Us More About You: Prior to each appointment we ask that you submit a Resource Request Form by clicking the button below, so that we can prepare for your appointment.
  2. Schedule Your Appointment: After you submit a Resource Request Form you will be sent to the appointment scheduler (Calendly) where you can set up an appointment.