Plan to Apply to Graduate Programs

Develop a plan to meet all deadlines and criteria of your top programs.

Identify Network with Possible Recommenders

Be attentive to specific program requirements for letters of recommendation.

Learn About Funding Options

Find information on fellowships, assistantships, or other funding opportunities (internal and external).

Continue to Engage in Undergraduate Research

Present your research and university showcases or conferences.

Gather Information about Your Top Graduate Programs

Apply for Visitation Programs and attend Grad School Fairs.

Register and Continue to Study for Admissions Tests

Take Free Practice Tests and utilize free resources to stay on track with your study plan.

Reflect on Your Experiences

Take note of your wellness and skills, then collate learning artifacts for an ePortfolio.

Further Explore Grad Prep Resources from AAP

Further master your skills by building your portfolio through AAP modules, workshops, virtual fairs, or advising.