The work of AAP would not be possible without the support of outstanding UCF faculty members who mentor and guide undergraduate students.  Faculty interested in mentoring undergraduate students are encouraged to contact aap@ucf.edu or Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries at maj@ucf.edu to discuss ways to become involved in our programs and initiatives.

Current faculty members who mentor AAP scholars and collaborate with the AAP office include:


Dr. Stephen Florczyk, Material Science and Engineering
Dr. Kenneth Teter,  Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Geoffrey Cook, Biology
Dr. Suren Tatulian, Physics
Dr. Eric Hoffman, Biology
Dr. Steven Ebert, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Steven Duranceau, Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering
Dr. Melanie Hinojosa, Sociology
Dr. Saleh Naser, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Lorraine Leon, Material Science and Engineering
Dr. Ranajay Ghosh, Material Science and Engineering
Dr. Barbara Sharanowski, Biology
Dr. Geoffrey Cook, Biology
Dr. Patrick Bohlen, Biology
Dr. Michael Hampton, Chemistry
Dr. Debopam Chakrabarti, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Mohtashem Samsam, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Raheleh Ahangari, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Nina Orlovskaya, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Ezekiel Walker, History
Dr. Reed Noss, Biology
Dr. Jennifer Kent-Walsh, Health and Public Affairs
Dr. Laurence von Kalm, Biology
Dr. Bobby Jeanpierre, Educational and Human Sciences
Dr. William Self, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Stephen Kuebler, Chemistry
Dr. Saiful Khondaker, Physics
Dr. Karin Chumbimuni-Torres, Chemistry
Dr. Florian Jentsch, Psychology
Dr. Dinender Singla, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Linda Walters, Biology
Dr. Antonis Zervos, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Alla Kourova, Modern Language and Literatures
Dr. James Hickman, Chemistry, Bimolecular Science and Electrical Engineering
Dr. John Weishampel, Biology
Dr. Alicja Copik, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Patrick Bohlen, Biology
Dr. Anna Savage, Biology
Dr. Griff Parks, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Mark Neider, Phycology
Dr. Karl Kai McKinstry, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Ali Gordon, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Candace Bridge, Chemistry
Dr. Latarsha Chisholm, Health Management and Informatics
Dr. Artem Masunov, Nanoscience Technology and Chemistry