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There are many ways for students to get involved in the performing arts at UCF no matter their major. 


Theatre UCF presents a season of about six productions each year and present a new play festival called Pegasus PlayLab each summer. Auditions are typically held three times per year and are open to all UCF students. If cast in a show, students will register for a course to be part of the production. For more information visit

There are also several student-run theatre groups: 

  • Project Spotlight – This student-run organization is dedicated to giving all majors a chance to take part in productions and to developing new works through One Act Festivals, Ten Minute Play Competitions and participation in UCF Celebrates the Arts.  
  • QSO Improv – A student-run sketch comedy group. 


Large music ensembles are open to all UCF students. Ensembles include bands, orchestra, choirs, opera and jazz. Some ensembles require an audition while others only require students to register for the course. All ensembles require participants to register for the corresponding course. 

To learn more visit and if you are interested in joining an ensemble, please fill out the ensemble interest form to receive the most current information on how to participate. 

Courses for non-majors 

Courses for non-majors in music, theatre and dance provide students opportunities to continue to learn about the performing arts in hands-on classes. Please visit the course catalog to see which courses for non-majors are currently being offered. 

Every student with a declared CAH major is assigned a College of Arts and Humanities Student Advising (CAHSA) advisor and students are also directed to a faculty member or major advisor in the department or school of their major. The assigned CAHSA advisor will work with each student from orientation through graduation and the major advisor will provide discipline and major-specific expertise. It is our expectation that each student will connect with their CAHSA advisor at least once each major semester (Spring, Fall) for guidance on timely completion of degree requirements.  

  • School of Performing Arts (Music and Theatre): Students who plan to pursue a major in Music or Theatre should audition/interview as early as possible. Students are allowed to audition for these programs prior to being admitted to the university, although admission to the university is ultimately required. Visit the individual program pages for more information on how to schedule your audition/interview or submit your materials. 
  • School of Visual Arts and Design: Students who plan to pursue a major in Emerging Media BFA (Character Animation, Experimental Animation, and Graphic Design tracks), Studio Art BA, or Studio Art BFA are considered based on submission of a portfolio. Students must complete required prerequisite courses before they are eligible to submit the relevant portfolio/application and will develop portfolio materials in the prerequisite courses.  
    • The Architecture BD is a partnership program with Valencia College (VC) and the prerequisite ARC courses are only offered through VC in the first two years. Admission to the Architecture BD offered through UCF is competitive and determined based on pin-up each April. The Architecture BD is housed at VC’s West campus.  
    • The Photography BS is a partnership program with Daytona State College (DSC). Students seeking admission to the Photography BS at UCF must complete the Photographic Tech AS offered through DSC, or equivalent. The Photography BS is housed at DSC.  

Every student is unique and arrives at the university with different life experiences, perspectives, strengths, and goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that no two experiences at the university are the same. We expect all CAH students to be well-informed, proactive, and to take charge of tailoring and meeting their degree requirements and in the course of doing so, to avail themselves of the countless resources and opportunities available to them at the university. CAHSA academic advisors, faculty, and leaders in CAH expect students to flourish academically and personally while at UCF. We expect our students to leave us equipped with the relevant discipline-specific content pertaining to their degree(s) and with the maturity, professionalism, and civic-mindedness that will serve them throughout their professional careers and lives.  

CAHSA advisors regularly communicate with their assigned CAH advisees and provide a number of tools tailored to support CAH students throughout their educational careers. It is our role to provide clear, timely information to our students. Further, we will work to provide the key resources that will best serve each student’s unique needs, goals, and plans. It is our expectation that CAH students will rely on their CAHSA advisor as a frequent point of contact for whatever they may need.  

Parents of students pursuing a CAH major are frequently concerned that students in CAH disciplines, many of whom aspire to be actors, musicians, writers, and historians, worry if their students can be gainfully employed. There are at least a few responses to these concerns. First, imagine a world without music, theatre, art, books and culture. Without the creative and academic pursuits that our students undertake, our worlds, lives, and the most mundane of tasks, like driving to work, would be beyond dull. The arts and the humanities are critical aspects of living meaningful lives and we’re thankful for the talents of our brilliant and creative students. Second, research shows that employers value creativity, outside the box thinking, critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work on teams. We’re confident that CAH disciplines prepare CAH students in these areas and others, in very meaningful ways. Specifically, through High Impact Practices embedded in each and every CAH major, CAH majors engage with real-world experiences prior to graduation. Finally, national research shows that students who earn a degree in the arts or humanities end up among the highest earners twenty years into their careers. 

A full schedule of arts events and information on how to attend can be found at The UCF Art Gallery is located in the Visual Arts Building and is open from 10 am-5 pm Monday-Friday. Visitation and events at the gallery are free. Theatre UCF holds performances year-round at the Theatre Building 6, centrally located near the Student Union on campus. Student tickets are $10 (ID required). UCF Music concerts are held in the Rehearsal Hall, Visual Arts Building auditorium, Nicholson School of Communication Auditorium and at venues throughout the Central Florida community. Tickets are required for some events. UCF Celebrates the Arts, a two-week festival, is held each April at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and is an opportunity for UCF artists to showcase their talents on world-class stages and for the public to enjoy a wide variety of art forms.  

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