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Guide to Grad School

Introduction to Guide to Grad School

Welcome to AAP’s Online Grad School Preparation lessons.

In these lessons, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) has created an online guide to help prepare undergraduate students for graduate school.

The lessons are designed to guide you through various phases of the process from exploring career options to transitioning into graduate school once you are accepted. Each lesson is filled with useful information and suggested assignments.

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Lesson Introduction

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Each topic is designed to answer questions that often arise when preparing for graduate school. You can customize your experience according to your individual needs. You may elect to complete all of the lessons or skip from topic to topic, depending on when your preparation for graduate school begins. However, it is recommended to work through the lesson topics in order if you are just starting to explore if graduate school is right for you.

Guide to Grad School lessons include:

  1. Exploring Graduate School
  2. Building your Graduate Student Skills
  3. Mastering your Graduate Student Skills
  4. Applying to Graduate School
  5. Transitioning to Graduate School

Academic Advancement Programs is here to help you along the way. Please email at any time if you have questions.

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