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Graduating with a bachelor’s degree happens once in a lifetime. Getting to that point requires planning, engagement, and academic and social experiences. UCF’s PeerKnights Coaching program helps undergraduates make the most of their time at UCF. In one-on-one meetings, a peer coach will help students explore academic and social opportunities and connect them to resources and services.  

Perhaps most important, a coach is someone to contact to talk with and get advice about being a UCF Knight. We know that every student has unique goals. To best support students’ goals, UCF’s PeerKnights Coaching program has multiple coaching options: 

Transition PeerKnights support the FTIC student population transitioning into the university for the first time or the Transfer and Connect population transitioning after earning an associate degree.  FTIC and Transfer coaches help students understand what it is like to become a Knight by sharing information about UCF, suggesting academic and social engagement opportunities, and connecting them with campus resources and other students.  Students will meet with the same coach for their first year, unless a specialty coach can better support a student’s journey.  In Fall 2022, FTIC Transition PeerKnights began offering coaching appointments at the UCF Downtown Campus. 

All-Around PeerKnights coaches meet with UCF students to address their individual academic needs who are no longer in their first year at UCF or transferred from another university. Coaching sessions are tailored to a student’s interests and goals. Meeting topics include success strategies, involvement opportunities, and academic planning. 

HIP PeerKnights coaches help students engage in High-Impact Practices (HIPs) such as internships, study abroad, and undergraduate research. Coaches are participating in these programs and will help students explore options and get involved.   

Major Exploration PeerKnights coaches, part of the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center understand that declaring or changing a major can seem daunting. They were once in this position. Leveraging their experiences, coaches will help undeclared students and those exploring majors to identify their interests, goals, and strengths and select a field of study. 

Pre-Grad PeerKnights, under the Academic Advancement Programs unit, can help students explore and prepare for graduate school from exploring programs to preparing an application. 

ACE PeerKnights, is in the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC).  Separate from SARC’s tutoring and SI services, ACE PeerKnights coaches help students build their study skills and learning strategies to succeed academically.  Topics often include time management, organizational skills, test-prep, note-taking, and stress management. 

LEARN PeerKnights, are coaches in the Learning Environment and Academic Research Network who directly support the students involved in the Office of Undergraduate Research program.  LEARN PeerKnights Coaches support both students entering from high school and students who transferred from another institution. 

Getting started is easy. Encourage your students to schedule an appointment with a PeerKnights coach (instructions are available in this guide) or email

Most units offer coaching Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm, and virtually or in-person (UCF Main Campus and UCF Downtown Campus).