Admissions Exams Prep

SARC Peer Tutoring is offering free small group tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, and workshops to UCF students preparing for Professional and Graduate Admissions Exams. Exam Prep sessions include a variety of topics including general subject review, test-taking strategies, and study skills. These sessions take place online through Zoom or in person in TCH 117.

Tutoring Sessions

Small group tutoring sessions are held in 2-hour blocks each week allowing students to drop-in or stay for the entire session. Appointments are not required and students may attend these sessions either in person or online. 

One-on-one tutoring sessions can be held in either 30-minute or 1-hour block appointments. Appointments are required and must be scheduled online in advance through PenjiAt this time, one-on-one sessions are only offered online. Please note that our individual tutoring sessions are limited. For more information, check out SARC page on one-on-one tutoring 

Benefits include receiving assistance with concepts and materials that may be presented on Professional and Graduate Admissions exams, provide alternative a point of view on material, and the potential to learn and study in a group setting with other UCF Knights. Peer Tutors will also be able to provide suggestions on how to approach material and study for the exams. 

Admissions Exam Prep tutoring sessions are offered in general subject areas that are covered on admissions exams, such subject areas include: 

  • General Biology/ Biological Sciences
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • College Physics


Admissions Exams Prep Workshops are also scheduled in 2-hour blocks and do not require an appointment to attend. These sessions can be attended either in person or online. Hybrid workshops provides students with the option to attend in person or online through Zoom. 

Admissions Exam Prep Workshops will offer test-taking and study strategies topics, as well as general subject areas covered on admissions exams, such topics may include: 

  • Biology – Review & Practice
  • General Chemistry – Review & Practice
  • Organic Chemistry – Review & Practice
  • Biochemistry – Review & Practice
  • College Physics – Review & Practice
  • Other How To’s
  • Exam Overviews
  • Planning and creating a study schedule
  • Test-taking strategies by subject
  • Test-taking strategies by exam
  • Study skills by subject
  • Building Motivation and Endurance

How to access livestreamed online sessions:

  1. Check the posted schedule for the day and time of the session you would like to join
  2. Click the link in the schedule embedded in the “Online” section and register for the session on Penji
  3. Once you have “Joined the Event” on Penji you will be provided the button that will redirect you to a Zoom waiting room
    • If the button access the room does not pop up, check your UCF email for the link in a confirmation email
  4. Wait until the host starts your meeting and lets you in

Important Notes:

  • Make sure to sign in with Penji using your UCF email!
    • In response to the recent email migration, you should be prompted to use:
  • It may ask you to log into your zoom account if you have not already. You can log in by selecting the SSO option on the app or by going to and selecting sign in. You will use your MyUCF credentials to log in to Zoom.
  • If you are having any other issues with your zoom account,  you can go here: or contact

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