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UCF Pre-Health Student Organizations

Joining a Pre-Health student organization at UCF is a great way to interact and network with your UCF peers who have similar goals, listen and learn from speakers who are practicing in health care or are from health professional schools, and enhance your resume by gaining access to a wide variety of volunteerism and community service events, possible shadowing, possible leadership opportunities, and likely other extracurricular activities too.

Contact information for all UCF Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) can be found at KnightConnect.

General Pre-Health (representing multiple Pre-Health professions)

  • PPMS (Pre-Professional Medical Society)
  • MAPS (Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students) 
  • AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association) 
  • DEM (Delta Epsilon Mu)
  • IMO (International Medical Outreach) 
  • Global Medical Missions Alliance
  • Black Women in Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Alliance
  • Neuroscience Alliance


  • Pre-Med AMSA (Pre-American Medical Student Association)
  • Pre-SOMA (Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association)
  • PhiDE (Phi Delta Epsilon)

Pre-Physician Assistant

  • APPA (Association of Pre-Physician Assistants)


  • PPS (Pre-Pharmacy Society)


  • POA (Pre-Optometry Association)

Pre-Public Health

  • Advocates for World Health

  • MedLife 
  • GMB (Global Medical Brigades)
  • HAPS (Health Awareness and Prevention Society) 
  • Knights of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) 
  • Hearts for the Homeless
  • LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association)
  • First Generation Medicine
  • Good News Initiative
  • PACK (Pediatric Association of Pediatric Knights)


  • PDSA (Pre-Dental Student Association)

Pre-Physical Therapy

  • UPTA (Undergraduate Physical Therapy)


  • PVS (Pre-Veterinary Society)

Pre-Occupational Therapy

  • POTO (Pre-Occupational Therapy Student Organization)


  • None


  • None