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DirectConnect Students

Pre-Health “DirectConnect” Transfer students include students at the following Central Florida state colleges:

  • Valencia College
  • Seminole State College
  • Eastern Florida State College
  • Lake-Sumter State College
  • Daytona State College
  • College of Central Florida

Services we provide for Pre-Health “DirectConnect” Students

If you are a “DirectConnect to UCF” student at one of these state colleges, you can take advantage of our following services while still a student at your state college:

Our PHPL Advisors can advise you in person if you can come to our office on the UCF campus or virtually via a Zoom or phone appointment. Please contact our office via phone (407-823-3033) or email ( to schedule an advising appointment. We are open Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, and we are located in Trevor Colbourn Hall 133 (see campus map).

Finally, a few short words of advice for our current and future Pre-Health Transfer Students:

  • Meet with a PHPL Advisor early on to discuss your current progress and make a plan for moving forward along your Pre-Health journey
  • Keep your grades/GPA high!
  • Select a major you will enjoy and do well in (remember, you can be ANY major!)
  • Get involved in meaningful extracurricular activities even before transferring to UCF (ex. volunteering, community service, shadowing, leadership, etc.).

Common Advisement and Recommendations we provide to UCF Pre-Health Transfer Students

Q: Can Pre-Health Transfer Students take science courses at community/state colleges?

A: YES!* But be strategic!

If a Pre-Health student takes science courses while at a community/state college, after transferring to a four-year university like UCF, they must:

  • Continue to earn very good grades in science courses at the four-year university (i.e., don’t let grades dip after transferring)
  • Get a high score on their health professional school admissions test (ex. MCAT or DAT )
  • Stay at the four-year university for courses after transferring (i.e., don’t be transient to take courses back at a community/state college – esp. not to take more science courses)

Grades must be very strong at the community/state college and continue to be very strong at the four-year university to be a competitive applicant for health professional schools.

For more information, see the Pre-Health Students Transferring to UCF with an A.A. Degree from a Community/State College: Health Professional School Course Recommendations document created by PHPL Advising & Other UCF Stakeholders.

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