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Applying to health professional schools is multi-faceted and requires strong organizational skills. Applicants often work on the various aspects of their application for months prior to submission. When you are ready to apply to health professional school, plan to begin preparing the different facets of your application about 2-3 months in advance of submission. Below, we have included the links to each of the health professional school centralized applications.

Note: Please see the PHPL webcourse for your specific health profession for additional details on the application process.

Allopathic Medical Schools (M.D.)AMCAS

Osteopathic Medical Schools (D.O.)AACOMAS

Dental Schools (D.M.D. or D.D.S.)AADSAS

Physician Assistant Programs (P.A.-C)CASPA

Physical Therapy Programs (D.P.T.)PTCAS

Pharmacy Schools (Pharm.D.)PharmCAS

Veterinary Schools (D.V.M.)VMCAS

Optometry Schools (O.D.)OptomCAS

Occupational Therapy Programs (M.O.T. or O.T.D.)OTCAS

Podiatry Schools (D.P.M.)AACPMAS

Chiropractic Schools (D.C.) – apply directly via the specific program’s website

Public Health Programs (M.P.H. or others) – apply directly via the specific program’s website