Mock Interviews

PHPL Advising is conducting virtual mock interviews via Zoom this year. Call our office to schedule a mock interview (407-823-0101) OR email, after you have been offered an interview at a health professional school so we can help you practice your interview skills with a mock interview.

About Mock Interviews for UCF Pre-Health Students/Alumni

Offered an interview at a health professional school? Contact our office to schedule a mock interview so you can practice before your real interview! To schedule a mock interview, call our office at 407-823-0101.

PHPL Advising conducts personalized, open-file, one-hour long, video-recorded mock interviews for UCF students and alumni who have been offered an interview at a health professional school. We have conducted over 150 mock interviews each year for the past six years. We offer two types of mock interviews, so be sure to let us know the style of your actual interview so we can schedule you for the appropriate type of mock interview. We offer:

  • Traditional-style mock interviews – 1 mock interview with 2 mock interviewers
  • MMI-style* mock interviews – 1 mock interview with 3 stations/3 mock interviewers

During your mock interview, we provide extensive feedback to you, and because we video record it, we will send you a link to access and view both your mock interview and our feedback.

This year, in addition to the advisors in PHPL Advising, we are partnering with 15 UCF administrators, faculty, advisors, and staff members who have graciously agreed to assist our office in conducting mock interviews:

  • Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries, Director, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP)
  • Dr. Camilla Ambivero, Assistant Professor, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences/COM
  • Brandy Blue, Honors Admissions Specialist, Burnett Honors College (BHC)
  • Tyler Campbell, Academic Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)
  • Dr. Tina Dow, Assistant Professor, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences/COM
  • Aubrey Kuperman, Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)
  • Jessica Mays, Academic Advisor, College of Health Professions and Sciences (CHPS)
  • Chelsea McClellan, Academic Advisor, Health Sciences Department
  • Dr. Kyle Riding, Assistant Professor, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences/COM
  • Dr. Fernando Rivera, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
  • Rex Roberts, Director of Honors Advising, Burnett Honors College (BHC)
  • Dr. Kersten Schroeder, Assistant Professor, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences/COM
  • Colleen Smith, Advising & Digital Learning Coordinator, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP)
  • Dr. Natalia Toro, Assistant Director, Academic Advancement Programs (AAP)
  • Susie Yantz, Previous Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising Admissions Specialist/Letters Packet Coordinator

Student/Mock Interviewee Testimonials

  • “The mock interview experience in the PHPL office was immensely helpful. It really acclimated me to the formal interview setting and made me feel comfortable in my actual medical school interviews.”
  • “It was really helpful! The questions were great. UF was my first interview so I was prepared and confident after the mock. After UF, the other interviews were a breeze!”
  • “The mock interview showed many strengths I needed to rely on during actual interviews and also pinpointed weaknesses. Although all pre-meds prepare for interviews in some ways, the mock interview showed exactly the things I needed to work on to ensure I show admission committees that I am a well-rounded applicant. One perfect example of how the mock interview helped me was the tone of my answers to some questions. I became more cognizant of how I sounded and appeared when I review my mock interview video, and during the actual interviews I was very mindful of my tone/voice when speaking and keeping a professional smile.”
  • Prepared me for similar questions asked during my actual interviews and demonstrated my body language while answering them.”
  • “The mock interview allowed me to determine my strengths and weaknesses and constructive ways to improve and succeed.”
  • “I appreciated the time, effort, and materials that went into my interview. Your team did a wonderful job preparing me for the real thing.”
  • My mock interview was actually more difficult and stressful than most of my real interviews– but it forced me to become much better prepared! … overall the mock interview was a really helpful experience.”

Mock Interviews – Advising Conference Presentations

The mock interviews offered by PHPL Advising have been recognized as some of the best in the nation and our advisors have presented about our mock interview process at both national and regional Pre-Health advising conferences (NAAHP, 2016; SAAHP, 2017). You can view our mock interview presentation at our conferences by clicking on the slide below.

*MMI-style mock interviews are not video-recorded and they are closed-file.