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Orlando Sentinel Legacy Guestbook

The following are excerpts from the Orlando Sentinel Legacy Guestbook published shortly after his death:


Dr. B was a very special human being. He was influential in guiding my path while at UCF. Fortunately his position enabled him to touch many others and guide them as well. He will live on in all our memories.
S. Worrell


The Lock Haven University Community will truly miss Budd. He was a very popular, committed and generous alumnus who always appreciated those that helped make a difference in his life.
Lock Haven University Alumni Association, Lock Haven, PA


Although my knowing Dr. B was brief, he played such an integral part of my decisions regarding medical school. I will always remember how he stood up for UCF students and how so many other schools knew about him & his packet! He will be missed.
D. Stevenson

I had not known Dr. Berringer very long, as I became a student of his just this semester, but the impression he made upon me shall last a lifetime. Thank you Dr. B, for being the incredible man you were, for always giving the straight truth, for your compassion and wisdom, and for helping so many students on the path to greatness. You will be greatly missed.
T. Wilbur


He was the man who was easy to talk to, an exhorter, and just simply a great guy. He is the reason that I am in medical school, and I can’t forget the very last words he said when I was parting to school …’I will be there, in four years to come.’ I will surely and dearly miss his wisdom and guidance. He touched my life, and his memories will always be with me.
C. Wambulwa


To Jennifer & Chad: I met your dad when I was 17 years old. I came to FSU with a vague idea that I wanted to be a marine biologist (too many Jacques Cousteau programs). I accidently got put into an orientation group whose leader was an enthusiastic man. This man told me how exciting, fulfilling and challenging it would be to a family practice physician. As I listened to this man I realized that by some quirk of fate I had found the work I wanted to do for the rest of life. That man was your father. That was only the beginning of your Dad’s impact on my life. As I progressed through college I had a couple of bad semesters in which my grades dropped. I saw my dream of becoming a physician slipping away as I realized that my chances of going to medical school were marginal. I spent many hours in your father’s office during which time he (for reasons I will never understand) told me that he believed in me and thought I would be a good physician. He believe in me when didn’t even have faith in myself. In the end he provided me with the opportunity to go medical school out of his dogged persistence. Because of him I am a physician-scientist. Because of him I was able to achieve my dreams. I was one of many whom your dad helped achieve their dreams. Your dad made a difference. My life and the lives of many others are far richer because of your father. Your have great reason to be proud and to cherish the memory of your father. I am thankful that I could call your father a friend and mentor.
M. Brantly, MD