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Pre-Health Mentor

Kylie is a first year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at UCF! She completed her undergraduate degree at UCF with the Burnett Honors College. She began as a computer science major with simply an interest in the sciences. It was not until the start of her junior year that she decided to pursue pre-medical. She became a TA, participated in clubs, completed a REU and the UCF Surgical Internship, and began volunteering with SHFB and working at ORMC. She didn’t fall in love with physical therapy until her gap year when she was working at a hospital and studying for the MCAT. She decided to switch gears, took the GRE, and applied to DPT school!

Kylie is joining the PHPL office as a Pre-Health Mentor to add one more dimension to the multitude of services the office has to offer. PHPL Mentoring offers an opportunity to seek one-on-one short or long-term mentorship from an experienced pre-health peer. She feels particularly passionate about helping non-traditional, late-to-the-game, or switch-up pre-health students strategize ways to become the best possible applicant going forward; empowering and strengthening their story rather than feeling set back by it. Mentoring appointments are, however, open to absolutely all pre-health students.  


Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2024, University of Central Florida

B.S. in Biology, University of Central Florida

Minor in Computer Science, University of Central Florida

Certificate in Cognitive Sciences, University of Central Florida