Acceptable IDs

Unless otherwise noted, all test takers must present one (1) primary form of government-issued identification that includes their photograph and signature. The ID presented must meet the following criteria:

  • Be government-issued
  • Be an original document – photocopied or electronic documents are not acceptable
  • Be valid and current – expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recently they may have expired
  • Bear the test taker’s full name, in English language characters, exactly as it appears on the registration ticket, including the order of the names
    • Middle initials are optional and only need to match the first letter of the middle name when present on both the registration ticket and the identification
  • Bear a recent, recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test taker
  • Include the test taker’s signature
  • Be in good condition with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph

Primary ID

Examples of acceptable identification include:

  • Government-issued passport with name, photograph, and signature
  • Driver’s license with name, photograph, and signature
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photograph, and signature
  • Military ID with name, photograph, and electronic signature
  • National ID with name, photograph, and signature
  • Tribal ID card with name, photograph, and signature
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship with name, photograph, and signature
  • A Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) with name, photograph, and signature

Secondary ID

A second form of ID may be requested. This second ID must have the test taker’s name with signature OR a photograph (e.g. school ID, library card, social security card, voter registration card, credit/debit card, or other official ID bearing the test taker’s name and signature).


Name Changes

If the name on the test taker’s identification differs from the name provided during registration, the test taker must bring official, legal documentation of the name change. A photocopy will not be accepted. Name change policies vary by exam for vendor-sponsored exams (Pearson VUE, ETS, PROV, Meazure, etc.).

Examples of this documentation include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Court order for a name change