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Centralized Support for Advising

Student Success and Strategic Initiatives (SSSI) centrally coordinates training and professional development for the UCF advising community.  SSSI facilitates streamlined communication on relevant resources, technology, and data to support the advising community.  High-quality and consistent resources are created that support both academic advisors and students.

Shared Model of Advising

Although academic advising is decentralized across the University, each college has a central advising office that is also supported by professional or faculty advisors in schools and departments . This model allows advisors to specialize in their major, program, or area of expertise, leading to better guidance on schedule planning, academic support, career preparation, and staying on track to graduate.


UCF Advising Organization


Assigned Advisors

Every undergraduate student in a declared major has a college advising office assignment. Each college has its own structure for how the professional or faculty advisors in the schools and departments will support students on their path to graduation.

Undeclared or Exploring

Students who are undeclared are assigned to work with an advisor in the Knights Major Exploration and Transition Center (KMETC). Students who are exploring majors may also work with KMETC.

Specialized Advising

Additional advising offices serve specific student populations, in conjunction with their assigned advising office.