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In collaboration with the college advising offices and campus partners, the Advisor Training and Development team develops and implements comprehensive training and professional development for the UCF academic advising community. Advisor Training and Development is a team within the Student Success and Advising unit.


Student Success and Advising Certificate

The Student Success and Advising (SSA) Certificate provides a structured professional development curriculum for the UCF advising community, formally recognizing individuals who continue to advance their knowledge and skills.

Programs included in the SSA Certificate are facilitated by the Advisor Training and Development team, members of the advising community, and partners across campus. Participants will complete a core of required courses and have the flexibility to select restricted electives based on their interests, skillset, and current roles and responsibilities.


Certificate Tracks

The Student Success and Advising (SSA) Certificate currently has two tracks: the Academic Advisor track and the Student Support track. A separate faculty advisor track is planned for development in 2021.

Academic Advisor track

Audience: Academic Advisors (Positions in the Advising Job Family, Advisor sub-family- Advisor I/II/III/IV positions + Advising Leadership)

Student Support track

Audience: Student Coaches, Student Resource Specialists, Academic Program/Support Coordinators, etc.


SSA Certificate Catalog

The Student Success and Advising (SSA) Certificate Catalog provides course descriptions of certificate courses, explanations of the participation options, learning objectives, and more.

View Certificate Catalog


SSA Certificate Completion Form

Submit the SSA Certificate Completion Form at the conclusion of each certificate level. Submission of your progress will allow for recognition by the Advisor Training and Development team of your completion.

Note: Level 3 Gold Participation categories require documentation to verify. Review the SSA Certificate Catalog for required documentation.

SSA Certificate Completion Form


New Advisor Training Curriculum

The New Advisor Training curriculum includes eleven required training courses advisors are expected to complete within the first 30 days of starting their advising position. The majority of these training courses are online and can be completed at your own pace. Courses with the “AAT” prefix are developed and/or coordinated by the Advisor Training and Development team.

The New Advisor Training Curriculum is intended for Advisor positions in the Advising Job Family, Advisor sub-family (Advisor I/II/III/IV + Advising Leadership). AAT 101, AAT 102, and AAT 111 are restricted to employees in these positions.


Curriculum Course Sequencing

Displays new advisors training course sequences

View New Advisor Training Curriculum


Advisor Training and Development Team

Contact Information

Location: Trevor Colbourn Hall, suite 133