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In collaboration with the college advising offices and campus partners, the Advisor Training and Development team develops and implements comprehensive new advisor training for the UCF academic advising community.

The New Advisor Training curriculum includes twelve required training courses academic advisors are expected to complete within the first 30 days of starting their advising position. Four of the courses – AAT 101, AAT 102, AAT 111, and AAT 112 – were created specifically for the New Advisor Training curriculum. The majority of these courses can be completed online and at your own pace.

Courses with the “AAT” and “SSC” course prefixes are developed and/or coordinated by the Advisor Training and Development team.

The New Advisor Training Curriculum is intended for Advisor positions in the Advising Job Family, Advisor sub-family (Advisor I/II/III/IV + Advising Leadership). AAT 101, AAT 102, and AAT 111 are restricted to employees in these positions.

Academic Advisor Courses

AAT 101: Introduction to Academic Advising

Introduction to the field of academic advising including the history, theory, values, and ethics that guide our profession. This course also outlines the UCF advising structure, introduces advising technologies commonly used, and reviews UCF terminology. Prerequisites: None.

AAT 102: Academic Advising Essentials

Overview of academic policies and procedures, undergraduate degree requirements, student forms and processes, and registration policies and procedures. This course also provides additional guidance on the use of advising technologies and outlines financial aid information applicable to advisors. Prerequisites: AAT 101.

AAT 111: New Advisor Orientation

The New Advisor Orientation provides comprehensive, face-to-face training to expand on many of the topics introduced in AAT 101 and AAT 102. Topics include academic record changes, appeals, excess hours, graduation initiatives, and financial aid. A computer lab component will also cover the following advising technologies: myKnight Audit, Pegasus Path, and mySchedule Builder. Prerequisites: ACS 001, AAT 101, & AAT 102.

AAT 112: Student Well-being

This training focuses on how to support student well-being, make appropriate campus referrals and if required, submit reporting, for students who are in crisis or in need of additional support. This training is facilitated by Student Care Services, Office of Institutional Equity (Let’s Be Clear/Title IX), and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Prerequisites: PER 227.

New Advisor Training Curriculum

The New Advisor Training Curriculum handout includes the course sequencing and descriptions for all twelve required courses.

Flow chart for UCF new advisor training

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