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The university has partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to enhance the functionality of the myKnight STAR (Navigate360) platform, the university’s student success CRM. New, expanded features are coming to myKnight STAR! The ongoing project brings myKnight STAR to student phones as a mobile app, along with new features like an academic planner and a tool to engage prospective Knights. The expansion is a collaborative partnership between the Division of Student Success and Well-Being, UCF IT and external consultants from Deloitte.

Expansion Projects

Student App

A dynamic mobile app (Navigate Student) and desktop platform with new, customized options for students.

Academic Planner

A collaborative academic plan builder, scheduler, and registration system within a single platform.

Prospect Management

Engages prospective students before and during the application process. This module will be used to primarily support UCF Connect and UCF Online as they engage with prospective students.

Expansion Sponsors

UCF Executive Sponsors

Dr. Paul Dosal, Senior Vice President for Student Success
Dr. Ryan Goodwin, Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Chief of Staff

UCF Program Sponsor

Dr. DeLaine Priest, Associate Vice President, Student Success and Strategic Initiatives


Cherie Herrin, Associate Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Dr. Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Interim Chief Information Officer and Dean, Burnett Honors College

Implementation Teams

Each new product has a dedicated team, with membership from relevant campus stakeholders, guiding the strategy and implementation of the product.

Implementation Team Leads

Student App

Jenna Nobili, Training Manager, Student Success and Strategic Initiatives

Jesse Sunski, Training Specialist I, Student Success and Strategic Initiatives

Academic Planner

Dr. Harrison Oonge, Executive Director, Academic Planning and Strategic Initiatives, UCF Connect

Paul Edlen, Business Data Analyst II, Registrar’s Office

Prospect Management

Angie Smith, Director, UCF Connect

Yolanda Cabrera, Business Data Analyst I, Student Success and Strategic Initiatives

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Project Timeline

Work on the technical components of the project began in late 2023. The official project kick-off occurred in January 2024 with the establishment of three implementation teams for each expansion component. Work on the three components will occur concurrently throughout 2024 and into summer 2025.
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Project Presentations and Resources

Access the Expansion Project Folder for presentations, video demonstrations, and other resources shared by the implementation teams. UCF SSO required to view resources.
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