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Yes, myKnight STAR will remain UCF’s internal branding for the Navigate360 suite of products. However, we will refer to the app as the “myKnight STAR app, powered by Navigate Student.”

No, staff will not be able to log into the myKnight STAR app. Only students will be able to access the app.

Students are encouraged to download and use the myKnight STAR app, but there is a desktop browser version they can access with all the same features.

Students have access to view their class schedule and holds, schedule appointments, use “Hand Raise” to request support, and explore UCF majors and related careers. The app also links out to UCF Mobile, Webcourses@UCF, and myUCF. Students can customize their notifications settings for relevant features.

This module can capture initial prospect information and delivers lead forms with customizable data fields to deliver communication plans and outreach.

Once all templates (degree plans) have been built, tested and fully vetted, ALL undergraduate students should be able to access the Academic Planner.

Excluding our pilot with the College of Business Administration, the EAB Academic Planner will be available in Fall 2025.

This tool will support prospective transfer students interacting with UCF Connect.

No. The academic planner will provide robust tools for the academic success coach to efficiently guide your students in degree planning and course scheduling.

Yes. Once all the templates have been built, tested, and fully vetted in the Academic Planner, the Pegasus Path will be sunset.

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