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Access to myKnight STAR

New and Current Employees

Access to myKnight STAR requires a business need, completion of required training, and security authorization. Follow these steps to gain access and begin using myKnight STAR.

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1. Determine Need

Your supervisor or manager will assign training based on your job responsibilities.

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2. Complete Training

Complete required training based on identified user role.

Additional follow-up training may be available according to your user role.

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3. Request Access

Your supervisor or manager requests access through the internal security authorization process or myKnight STAR call ticket.

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4. Access myKnight STAR

Navigate to your Staff Applications in myUCF or log in directly using your NID credentials.

Managers and Supervisors

Contact the myKnight STAR team for questions about access to the platform for your area or training requirements. Information on job roles and related myKnight STAR user roles can be found in the myKnight STAR Training and Access for Employees.