The University of Central Florida (UCF) Experiential Learning (EL) mission is to develop and sustain quality experiential learning opportunities through an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration between students, faculty, community and employer partners. In doing so, we support students as they make theory to practice connections that enhance their academic learning and facilitate the development of skills and abilities necessary to contribute to the global community. 


With the support of our partners on campus and in the community, we endeavor to facilitate transformative, academic learning opportunities that support students’ growth as professionals. In collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, we seek to give students access to high-quality internships, co-ops and service-learning experiences. Through these opportunities we will grow our collective expertise and continue to position UCF as a leader in the global community.   


What we do is rooted in campus and community 

  • ConnectionsOur success is driven by our ability to build relationships and connect with students, facultystaff, and community partners to enhance and support student success
  • Student-Centered Learning: As educators and mentors we strive to work collectively to foster a nurturing environment to students in the exploration and preparation process while empowering to pursue high-impact opportunities to enhance their academic and professional endeavors.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to fostering an inclusive environment that promotes respect and value for diversity and provides equitable opportunities for all students.
  • EmpowermentWe value and recognize the contribution of students and co-educators within organizations and our community and celebrate the strength of transformative educational experiences to develop students as critical and autonomous thinkers. 
  • Access for All: Experiential Learning ensures all students have access to all tools and experiential learning opportunities to gain relevant academic, personal and professional competencies to become engaged citizens upon graduation. 
  • Excellence in Quality of Service Provided to Stakeholders: Experiential Learning has an uncompromising focus on impact and excellence. With high standards we take pride in executing quality services that support our stakeholders.
  • Community: Foster a culture of integrity, respect, and compassion 

Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

UCF Experiential Learning embraces the university’s commitment to diversityinclusion, and equity and is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where all students’ experiences and perspectives are recognized and valued. We provide programs and resources to support underrepresented students through their career and professional development journey.