Participate in service-learning, make a difference in the community, satisfy graduation requirements, and gain resume-building “real-world” community service experience attractive to employers, graduates, and professional schools.

What Is Service-Learning? 

Service-learning (SL) is a teaching method that enables students to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to meaningful service to the community. Service-learning combines classroom learning goals and community service in a way that enhances or benefits both the student and the community.

Service-Learning Certificate

The certificate program in Service-Learning is designed for students in any discipline who seek to engage in a reflective analysis of community service as it relates to academic coursework. Service-Learning furthers the learning objectives of the academic course, addresses community needs, and requires students to reflect on their activity to gain an appreciation for the relationship between civics and academics. Through Service-Learning (SL) courses, students develop academic skills, civic responsibility, and career opportunities. Since this certificate requires the completion of four SL courses, it reflects significant interest and commitment to this process. This certificate is open to all undergraduate students in any major.

Service-Learning courses are designated with an “SL” and can be accessed under “special groups” in the class schedule.

Description of how to search for a course

Students can earn recognition for completing SL-designated courses. This certificate is open to all graduate and undergraduate students in any major. To qualify for the certificate, students must:

  • Complete 12 credit hours and 4 SL-designated courses. Students may choose any of the UCF-approved SL courses in any discipline.
  • Maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA in all SL-designated courses.
  • Complete a minimum of 60 community service hours in all SL-designated courses.

Students who wish to earn the Service-Learning Certificate must declare this undergraduate certificate program through the myUCF portal as early as possible but no later than the graduation application window and must file a separate Intent to Graduate (ITG) form for this certificate prior to their semester of graduation.

Amy Zeh High Impact Practice Student Showcase

This showcase is for projects connected with HIP-designated courses only.

Held during the fall and spring semesters, the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase celebrates students who have completed projects as a part of their HIP-designated courses. Students can participate in person or online. More information about applying and submitting can be found on the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase


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