Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) courses as those that offer students a chance to explore integrative pathways that connect the core knowledge and skills of their major to real-world professional and civic contexts. In IE courses, students work closely with their professors and peers to develop, reflect on, and articulate their goals.

What Is Integrative-Learning?

Integrative-Learning has three core elements:

  • Intentional Learning—whereby students set goals and plan their education deliberately and purposefully.
  • High-Impact Practices (HIPs)—in which students participate in educational experiences that demand considerable time and effort, facilitate learning outside of the classroom, and require meaningful interactions with faculty and other students.
  • Metacognition—in which students develop self-awareness and the ability to reflect and learn from their experiences.

Although many courses include aspects of integrative-learning, to be designated an IE course, integrative-learning must be central rather than peripheral to the course content and structure.

How to Find IE Courses

Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) courses are designated with an “IE” and can be accessed under “special groups” in the class schedule.

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Amy Zeh High Impact Practice Student Showcase

This showcase is for projects connected with HIP-designated courses only.

Held during the fall and spring semesters, the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase celebrates students who have completed projects as a part of their HIP-designated courses. Students can participate in person or online. More information about applying and submitting can be found on the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase page.