Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase:
Instructions for Student Presenters at the In-Person Showcase

Amy Zeh High Impact Student Showcase Last week of Fall and Spring Semesters4 images of students standing at their posters
Image above: the set up of the Fall 2022 showcase

During the last week of every Fall and Spring Semester, students in High-Impact Practice Designated Courses have the opportunity to present their work on the UCF Main Campus in the Student Union, Key West Ballroom. Presenters display their work with conference-style posters to faculty, staff, other students, and members of the UCF community.  

  • Students may participate in both the virtual showcase (hosted on STARS) and the in-person showcase, or just the in-person showcase if you do not want your data displayed in STARS.  

  • If you change your mind about whether you want to present virtually or in-person, we can update your submission. Please email or to switch. 



The purpose of this showcase is to help students:  

  • Synthesize course content, real-world context experience, and self-reflection 
  • Practice professional presentations  
  • Articulate what they learned through their High Impact Practice designated course experience 
  • Communicate a deliverable from their HIP-designated course 


All participants are required to produce a conference-style poster presentation summarizing a project from their HIP-designated course: what they did, how they did it, and what they learned. During the in-person showcase, participants will stand by their poster ready to discuss their work with attendees who visit the showcase. This audience can range from other students to professors (in various departments) to interested members of the community. 

What You Will Need to Present 

  • A printed poster discussing/displaying the preliminary findings from your research  
  • Posters are usually 36 inches tall by 48 inches wide and attached to whiteboards with magnets for display.  
  • It is participants’ responsibility to print their own poster. For guidelines about creating a poster and for poster printing options, please see below. If you need help, please email or  
  • If you wish to request any special arrangements, please email  
  • A short (3-minute) summary of your research that you can present to guests who come to see your poster 


Three steps to participate the in-person showcase: 

  1. Sign-up to participate in the showcase. 

  • Submit your digital materials to STARS if you wish to participate in the virtual showcase and judging.  

  1. Prepare your poster and make sure it is sent for printing at least three days before the event. 

  1. Bring yourself and your poster to the Key West Ballroom dn the day of the showcase! 

  • Check in at the tables in front of the ballroom to find your poster board number. 

  • Set your poster up on the white board. (Magnets will be provided.) 

  • Discuss your poster with passersby. Have a brief (3-minute) summary of your work ready to share that can be understood by educated non-experts.  

  • Be sure to visit other posters yourself, too, and to vote for the People’s Choice Awards.