The UCF Job Shadow program is now the UCF Knight Shadow program, relaunching Summer 2023!

Program Manager – Sandra Leon-Barth
Program Assistant – Tatiana Johnson

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What is the UCF Knight Shadow Program?

The UCF Knight Shadow program is a  job shadowing opportunity for UCF students to connect with industry professionals to gain exposure to a wide variety of career fields and industries. Sessions take place during the academic breaks of the Fall (December), Spring (March), and Summer (August) semesters and include in-person and virtual options.

This program is not for academic credit and participants do not receive monetary compensation. Participants are responsible for their meals, as well as, travel costs to and from their Knight Shadow Host Site. 

Benefits of Participating
  • Build your organization’s brand
  • Develop a pipeline of talent for internship or full-time opportunities
  • Help student’s explore different career options
  • No cost way to give back to the UCF community

Typical Activities of a Knight Shadow experience

The specific activities involved in a job shadowing experience vary between hosts and industries, and between in-person and virtual opportunities. Some common activities include: 

  • A presentation on the organization
  • A panel or meet and greet of current interns and/or alumni 
  • Observing job duties and client interactions 
  • Attending meetings or office events 
  • Office tours 
  • Learning about internship/career opportunities within the organization 
  • Reviewing the student’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and other professional development materials 
  • An informational interview

Types of Opportunities and Locations

The UCF Knight Shadow program provides either in-person or virtual job shadow experiences, hosted throughout the state of Florida. 

Experiential Learning works diligently to provide a variety of job shadow experiences.  However, available experiences are only those that are submitted by hosts.  While we invite all of our contacts and target all majors/industries to participate in the program, some organizations may not have the resources to provide a job shadowing experience.  Therefore, the list of experiences may be limited and vary by semester. 

How to Register

Registration opens at the beginning of each semester.  Hosts will be able to register for in-person or virtual options. Emails are sent to all employers registered in Handshake. Individuals not registered in Handshake who are interested in hosting students, can complete our Knight Shadow host interest form. * This link is only live during registration period.


Is there a cost to participate as a host? 

There is no cost to participate in the UCF Knight Shadow program. Additionally, students are responsible for finding their own housing, transportation to the job shadowing site, and for all costs related to the experience

Do I need to host students all days of the session? 

No. Scheduling is at the host’s discretion. We do ask that in-person experiences be long enough for the student to get a substantive view of your career field, but these opportunities can last anywhere from 1 to 5 days. 

My work involves confidential information. How do you handle these situations? 

If necessary, students can be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Job shadowing experiences can also be designed so that they only involve non-confidential activities.  

How are students matched? 

Experiential Learning will match students based on their application materials (resume and cover letter), and information included in the hosts registration form.

How many students can I host? ? 

Organizations can host as many students they are able to accommodate. You can host a single student or a group of students. 

Once I am assigned a student, how will I be put in touch with them? 

We will send your student an e-mail with your preferred contact information. The student will then contact you to begin discussing the logistics.

Can I arrange for my student(s) to spend time with people other than me? 

Absolutely! We encourage hosts to give a broad view of the professional roles available in their organization and industry. Students also appreciate the opportunity to expand their professional network.

If I volunteer, am I guaranteed a student? 

Due to a variety of factors, including interest level, location, and the selection process, a match is not guaranteed. However, if you are not matched with a student, there are many other valuable ways that you can help students with their career development. For more information, please contact

Employer Program Guide

This Document covers the the key aspects of the program from the Timeline, Scope of a shadowing experience, Sample position descriptions, deadlines, and FAQ’s.UCF KnightShadow Employer Guide_SUMMER 2023

We look forward to your organization participating in the UCF Knight Shadow Program!


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