Integrative-Learning Experience Course Designation

Deadline to submit: Fourth Friday of Fall or Spring Semesters

Submission Materials:

Definition of Integrative-Learning Experience (IE)

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) defines integrative learning as “an understanding and a disposition that a student builds across the curriculum and co-curriculum, from making simple connections among ideas and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex situations within and beyond the campus.” The University of Central Florida defines Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) courses as those that offer students a chance to explore integrative pathways that connect the core knowledge and skills of their major to real-world professional and civic contexts. In IE courses, students work closely with their professors and peers to develop, reflect on, and articulate their goals. Integrative Learning has three core elements:

  • Intentional Learning—whereby students set goals and plan their education deliberately and purposefully.
  • High-Impact Practices (HIPs)—in which students participate in educational experiences that demand considerable time and effort, facilitate learning outside of the classroom, and require meaningful interactions with faculty and other students.
  • Metacognition—in which students develop self-awareness and the ability to reflect and learn from their experiences.

Although many courses include aspects of integrative-learning, to be designated an IE course, integrative-learning must be central rather than peripheral to the course content and structure.

The UCF Integrative-Learning Experience course designation began through the What’s Next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Archival websites for QEP from 2016–2021 are available: QEP and What’s Next.

Why have an IE Designation for your Course?

  • To enhance students learning by making learning objectives intentional, high impact, and connected to real-world and civic contexts.
  • To document integrative-learning experiences taking place in the university classroom.
  • To promote a standard of excellence for integrative-learning experiences in university courses.
  • To set student expectations for the rigor of an IE course.
  • To support UCF strategic plan to “innovate academic … models to transform higher education.”
  • To acknowledge, through its official university designation, the innovative work and accomplishments of students and faculty engaging in IE courses.


The basic criteria for designating a course as an Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) at UCF is that students will accomplish the following through structured assignments:

  • Articulate short- and long-term goals, and develop a personalized integrative-learning plan to meet those goals.
  • Adapt and apply discipline-specific skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies to solve difficult problems or explore complex issues.
  • Connect core knowledge and skills of the major to real-world professional and civic contexts.
  • Participate in meaningful collaborations and/or interactions that include diverse experiences and/or perspectives.
  • Communicate knowledge, skills, and qualifications to diverse audiences both within and beyond the university.
  • Engage in structured reflections that connect past experiences to ongoing professional and civic goals.

See full details on the IE Course Designation Rubric.

Procedure to Submit

  1. Submissions are accepted each semester, due by the fourth Friday of the start of classes, for course designation beginning the following semester.
  2. Review the IE Course Designation Rubric, making any necessary changes to your syllabus to meet these requirements. Note that to qualify a course must contain all six of the criteria, though courses may focus primarily on one or two, with secondary focus on the others.
  3. Complete the HIP Course Designation Form to demonstrate how your course meets the evaluation criteria for IE designation.
  4. Submissions will then undergo committee review, with approved course designations being implemented the following semester. Should a submission require any revisions, the faculty member will receive feedback and may submit again the same semester; courses requiring substantial revisions may choose to submit materials the following semester.

Designation Levels

The HIP Courses Designations (Integrative-Learning Experience, Research Intensive, Service Learning, and Global Learning) can all be obtained at either the instructor or course level. Course sequences may also be considered for IE course designations; please contact to discuss options.

Instructor-Level Designation

This type of designation follows the instructor who has submitted their course section for designation. If there are multiple faculty members teaching this course, only the faculty member’s course with an instructor-level designation will have the Integrative-Learning Experience course attribute.

Course-Level Designation

Departments may submit courses to be designated at the course level. This means that all instructors for the course, whether there is one or multiple instructors, will teach the course in accordance with the Integrative-Learning Experience designation requirements.

Course-level designation means that all sections have common learning outcomes, final outcomes, and similar assessment practices that meet all required components of the IE Rubric. Additionally, course-level designations require that all sections are taught and graded by a content expert in the field with a terminal degree and/or permanent faculty appointment.

If there are multiple instructors, but everyone uses the same syllabus, then only that syllabus needs to be submitted. If the content varies, sample syllabi must be submitted as one PDF.

Example: If a careers course contains the same learning outcomes and end-of-term deliverable (e.g. mock interview or professional website), but each instructor teaches those outcomes using a variety of strategies and formative assessments, sample syllabi are needed.

To request a course-level designation, select this option on your submission form, which will populate a Course-Level IE MOU to be routed to your department chair to sign.

Integrative-Learning Experience Syllabus Statement

(required for IE designated courses):

[Insert course name and number here] is designated as an Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) course. This designation will be noted on your transcripts. Integrative-Learning Experience (IE) courses offer students a chance to explore integrative pathways that connect the core knowledge and skills of their major to real-world professional and civic contexts. Students work closely with their professors and peers to develop, reflect on, and articulate their goals. Although many courses include aspects of integrative-learning, to be designated an IE course integrative-learning content must be central rather than peripheral to the syllabus. For questions concerning Integrative Learning, please contact Experiential Learning at


Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL)

FCTL provides programming and instructional resources in support of faculty excellence in teaching and learning.

Resources available through AAC&U

Faculty Peer Articles

“Collaborative Applied Projects Focused on the Themed Entertainment Industry” by Carissa Baker

“Building an Integrative-Learning Course in Public Administration—Or Any Discipline” by Gregg Buckingham

“Intersections of Justice and Ethics: An Integrative-Experiential Learning Webcourse Module” by Gail Sears Humiston

“Digital Storytelling and Integrative Learning” by Lisa C. Peterson

Sample syllabi and worksheets

Please email for examples of applications that were approved for the IE course designation.

Amy Zeh High Impact Practice Student Showcase

This showcase is for projects connected with HIP-designated courses only.

Held during the fall and spring semesters, the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase celebrates students who have completed projects as a part of their HIP-designated courses. Students can participate in person or online. More information about applying and submitting can be found on the Amy Zeh HIP Student Showcase page.


For questions or to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your course and the IE application, email