Global Learning Course Criteria

The basic criteria for designating a Global Learning (GL) course at UCF is that through the course students will accomplish the following:

  1. Complete structured assignments that allow students to articulate their consideration and understanding of interdependent systems
  2. Adapt and apply intercultural, discipline-specific skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies to solve difficult problems or explore complex issues
  3. Connect core knowledge and skills of the course to real-world professional and civic contexts
  4. Participate in meaningful interactions that include diverse experiences and/or perspectives
  5. Articulate knowledge, skills, and qualifications to diverse audiences both within and beyond the university
  6. Engage in structured reflections that connect course experiences to the development of global citizenship

*Because study abroad opportunities are already high impact practices, study abroad courses are not eligible for the GL designation.

Why have a GL Designation for your course?

  • To enhance students’ learning by making learning objectives intentional, high impact, and connected to real-world and civic contexts.
  • To document global learning experiences taking place in the university classroom.
  • To promote a standard of excellence for global learning experiences in university courses.
  • To set student expectations for the rigor of a GL course.
  • To support UCF strategic plan to “innovate academic…models to transform higher education”.
  • To acknowledge through its official designation, the innovative work and accomplishments of students and faculty engaging in GL courses.

Procedure to Submit

  1. Submissions are accepted each semester, due by the fourth Friday of the start of classes, for course designation beginning the following semester.
  2. We highly recommend reaching out to an HIP course designation administrator to discuss your submission. They work as an advocate to help you with the submission process. Contact:
  3. Review the Global Learning Course Rubric, making any necessary changes to your syllabus to meet these requirements. Note that to qualify a course must contain all the GL criteria/rubrics.
    • Global Learning Criterion 2.1: Demonstrate understanding of a global aspect of a natural or manmade system, issue, practice or process and its influence on human life.
    • Global Learning Criterion 2.2: Explain perspectives different from their own of a global natural or manmade system, issue, practice, or process.
    • Global Learning Criterion 2.3: Address a cross-boundary problem or issue: Apply core course concepts to a natural or manmade global system
    • Global Learning Criterion 2.4: Encounter interactions that include diverse experiences or perspectives outside the classroom

    Additionally, students will complete work that addresses one or both of these objectives during the term:

    • Global Learning Criterion 3.1: Communicate lessons learned, new knowledge or perspectives to a wider audience
    • Global Learning Criterion 3.2: Reflect on growth/change in personal appreciation for global systems and application to career and life goals.
  4. Complete the HIP Course Designation Form to demonstrate how your course meets the evaluation criteria for SL designation.
  5. Submissions will then undergo committee review, with approved course designations being implemented the following semester. Should a submission require any revisions, the faculty member will receive feedback and may submit again the same semester; courses requiring substantial revisions may choose to submit materials the following semester.

Designation Levels
The HIP Courses Designations (Integrative-Learning Experience, Research Intensive, Service-Learning, and Global Learning) can all be obtained at either the instructor or course level. Please contact to discuss options.

Instructor-Level Designation
This type of designation follows the instructor who has submitted their course section for designation. If there are multiple faculty members teaching this course, only the faculty member’s course with an instructor-level designation will have the Global Learning course attribute.

Course-Level Designation
Departments may submit courses to be designated at the course level. This means that all instructors for the course, whether there is one or multiple instructors, will teach the course in accordance with the Global Learning designation requirements. Course-level designation means that all sections have common learning outcomes, final outcomes, and similar assessment practices that meet all required components of the GL Rubric.

If there are multiple instructors, but everyone uses the same syllabus, then only that syllabus needs to be submitted. If the content varies, sample syllabi must be submitted as one PDF.

To request a course-level designation, select this option on your submission form, which will populate a GL course level to be routed to your department chair to sign.