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The Division of Student Learning and Academic Success, in partnership with UCF’s colleges and units, strives to strengthen the ties between student success and academics by creating a dynamic, student-centered approaches to enhance learning through data-driven practices, high-quality methods of teaching and learning and high-impact academic experiences, cutting edge uses of technology, and the development and implementation of policies and procedures that promote academic success for undergraduate students. We focus on student retention (know more), student persistence and progression (do more), and student graduation and success (be more).


The Division of Student Learning and Academic Success will be a national role model of excellence for an exceptional integrated, innovative, and distinctive learning community fueled by world-class research and teaching.


Integrity: to support the academic needs of our students with dignity and respect.

Scholarship: to honor the research on student learning toward the academic success of our students.

Community: to collaborate with colleges and units toward a supportive learning environment.

Creativity: to employ imaginative and innovative practices that speak to the experiences of our students.

Excellence: to strive toward the highest standards of performance in service to our students’ academic success.