Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award

Congratulations to June Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher, Karina Castro!

 Karina’s narrative review on testicular cancer was used to highlight the gap in research for interventions (physical activity) targeting obesity among testicular cancer survivors. Testicular cancer survivors are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, low testosterone, chronic fatigue, all of which are associated with weight gain and obesity. With Testicular cancer survivors having a ~95% survival rate, importance should be placed on targeting issues that can impact overall quality of life. Despite testicular cancer survivors’ increased risk of suffering from conditions linked to weight gain and obesity, there is little research done in this area. The aim of not only this project but the Testicular Cancer Research Collaborative (TCRC) is bring awareness and reliable data necessary to understand testicular cancer survivors needs and assist in building the bridge of communication between health care professionals and survivors to help to improve patient outcome.

Karina advises students to do research that interests you and research that you feel will not only enrich your learning but cause an impact in that field. “Choosing research for checking boxes on resumes will not be fulfilling for yourself and evident in medical/professional schools interviews. It’s not about being extremely well rounded but being able to showcase where you made a change other than doing research, shadowing, tutoring, etc.”

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