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Summer Research Academy is a fast-paced, summer introduction to research course including a three day in person event in July; ideal for students who want to begin research in the fall. SRA is offered as a Summer B for-credit course…

Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award

Congratulations to the April Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award Winner, Arlette Morcelo!

My research project involved investigating the effects of linearized neurons on mRNA localization patterns. mRNA localization is a fundamental cellular process whereby messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules are selectively transported and positioned within cells, facilitating specific protein synthesis and cellular functions. Previous studies had explored dendritic mRNA localization patterns in mouse neurons using standard neuron growth culture methods. However, the visualization of mRNA localization with this approach lacked the precision required for detailed examination of dendritically-based RNA. To address this limitation and gain deeper insights, we investigated the impact of culturing neurons in a linearized pattern on mRNA localization patterns. Our results demonstrated that cultivating neurons in a linear orientation allowed us to achieve high-resolution capture of Shank1 localization within the dendrites of linear neurons. 

Arlette’s advice? Embrace a growth mindset! “When you encounter an opportunity that resonates with your goals and aspirations, it’s imperative to approach it with unwavering commitment. Seek support from mentors and peers who can provide valuable insight and validation. Break your objectives into manageable, incremental steps, and track your accomplishments. Embrace the philosophy of a growth mindset, understanding that competence can be cultivated through learning and perseverance. You CAN do it…I believe in you!”

The Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal

Publish your research with the URJ!

The Pegasus Review seeks out article submissions from undergraduate students in all disciplines. Are you willing to turn into a peer-reviewed article your faculty mentored research projects, such as HIM, HUT, poster and conference presentations, independent studies, and more, in a welcoming environment? The Pegasus Review can help you publish your first peer-reviewed article and offers 4 workshops each semester, regular office hours year-round, and scholarships in the summer.  

This is a great opportunity to gain valuable publishing experience, disseminate your research, and strengthen your resume. URJ’s articles are downloaded and cited all around the world. Click on the link above to view URJ’s submissions and guidelines. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis after the priority deadline. 

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