Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award

Geela working on synching her lab's omnidirectional treadmill with a virtual reality system. These two systems are integral to the "Force Feedback for Virtual Reality" efforts.

Congratulations to July Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher, Geela Margo Ramos!

Geela’s current work focuses on developing a wearable device prototype capable of extracting biomechanical information from a patient in real-time for anxiety attack prediction and analysis of levels of stress experienced. Of her research’s goal, she says, “It is my hope for this research to create a system capable of improving current diagnostic and prognostic methods for monitoring anxiety disorders, through quantitative feedback; additionally, such data could be used to improve the current staging model that exists for generalized anxiety disorder.”

Geela’s advice for students considering research? “Don’t be afraid to dive right in! Dipping your toes into the water might not always give the full experience you want in research.” She encourages students to find an opportunity where they’ll be deeply involved in the design of the research project, and have the opportunity to work on a project from start to finish.

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