Overview & Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Funding Opportunities: OUR Student Research Grants, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and programs from Academic Advancement Programs (Research and Mentoring Program, McNair Scholars) and the College of Engineering and Computer Science -Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Award Programs: Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award, Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence poster awards, information on National and International Prestigious Awards, and the Faculty Mentor of the Year award nomination.

Publication and Presentation Opportunities: Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence, Presentation Travel Awards, Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal, and Honors in the Major

Programs with Course Credit: Directed Independent Study and Honors Undergraduate Thesis

Summer Off Campus Research: General information and resources for finding summer off campus opportunities

Leadership Opportunities: Student Undergraduate Research Council, Summer Research Academy Peer Mentors, OUR Peer Mentors


Students participating in Undergraduate Research should consider doing the following: