What is Research?

Academic research is inquiry or investigation that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.

Undergraduate Researchers at UCF are doing work in fields from mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences to marketing and theatre. As a Research I Institution, research happens in every department at UCF.

As undergraduates, students work closely with research teams that are led by our faculty. These faculty are experts in their field, and guide students through the research process. To learn more about recent undergraduate research projects at UCF, take a look at our poster showcase programs.

Students have the opportunity to do things like earn course credit, get paid, present, publish, and win awards for their research.

What does the Office of Undergraduate Research Do?

The Office of Undergraduate Research guides students through the process of finding a mentor, applying for different opportunities, and developing themselves as professionals.

We offer workshops to help students get started and develop skills needed for success in research, like designing research posters, writing proposals, and communicating their work. Our Peer Mentors offer individualized assistance for topics from finding a mentor, through planning program involvement or thinking about publishing.

We also partner with other campus offices and faculty members to increase the capacity for undergraduate research and creative scholarship.