Introduction to Research Courses

IDS 3913

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports UCF undergraduate students, across all majors, who are interested and participating in research and creative scholarship. The Introduction to Research course is designed for students who want to take a deep-dive into exploring and beginning their undergraduate research journey.
Whether your interests lie in the humanities, physical and applied sciences, engineering, social sciences, hospitality, or business, the 1-credit, Introduction to Research course will greatly benefit you!

One Course, Two Ways to Participate!

You have two options for applying in the Introduction to Research (IDS 3913) course. Both options teach the same information, but in different ways.

  1. Summer Research Academy (SRA) – a fast-paced, 3-day event in July; ideal for students who want to begin research in the fall.
    • SRA is offered as a Summer B for-credit course or as non-credit with pre-academy assignments two weeks before SRA meeting dates. 
    • Summer 2022 SRA will meet on July 21, 22, 23 with some online pre- and post-Academy assignments during the Summer B term.
    • Deadline to apply: June 1
  2. Introduction to Research & Creative Scholarship Opportunities (I.N.T.R.O.) Course a semester long (fall or spring semester), immersive, classroom experience. This is an HIP course, Integrative-Learning Experience (IE Course Designation).
      • Applications for Fall INTRO courses will open June 15
      • Applications for Spring INTRO courses will open September 15
      • Spring 2022 INTRO course will meet Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:45 in TCH 103.

In both programs/courses, students will:

  • Learn about the nature of university research and how it can expand your undergraduate experience.
  • Meet with research faculty and other students active in research.
  • Explore research opportunities available to undergraduate students at UCF.
  • Prepare professionally for future research, internships/careers, and advanced degrees.
  • Earn 1-credit hour for completing the Introduction to Research (IDS 3913) course.
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Students must apply to all Introduction to Research (IDS3913) courses to participate. By the end of the course, students will know 1) what undergraduate research is, 2) the role of a faculty mentor, 3) be prepared to choose to pursue undergraduate research, 4) and have tools to start the research journey!  

 The benefits of taking IDS 3913 include:

  • Build networks with potential faculty mentors, Undergraduate Research staff, and experienced undergraduate researchers
  • Participate in UCF campus research tours and explore various fields of research
  • Learn about UCF structured research programs and resources
  • Create and/or build a strong resume/CV
  • Improved communication skills
  • Prepare for future academic interests and professional pursuits
  • Collaborate and develop relationships with students with similar interests
  • Discover personal interests
  • IDS 3913 is designed for students who have not been involved in research or creative scholarship with a UCF faculty member yet.

Summer Research Academy (SRA):

  • The best candidates are incoming transfer students and current UCF students with at least one year left before graduation who are not currently involved in research. Incoming transfer students may participate in the Summer Research Academy in the summer prior to matriculating to UCF. Details are below:
Current UCF StudentsTransfer Students

Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

No applicants should be graduating

Must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation)

Earned an Associate’s degree by the end of the Summer in which they participate

Admitted to UCF as a transfer for  the summer in which they participate OR the Fall semester following SRA

Must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation)

I.N.T.R.O. Course: Preference will be given to first- and second-year students, as well as incoming transfer students.

Current StudentsTransfer Students

Incoming Freshman and rising Sophomores are preferred

No applicants should be graduating 

Admitted to UCF as a transfer for the semester which they have applied to I.N.T.R.O.

Summer Research Academy: This 3-day event occurs every July at the UCF Main Campus. Students must be available to attend the entire duration of the event.

I.N.T.R.O. Course: Each fall and spring semester, one to two sections of the course are offered. See application for dates and times the course is offered.

Summer Research Academy: 

  • Deadline: June 1st

Fall I.N.T.R.O. Course:

  • Deadline: July 31st
  • Applications for any remaining positions will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until the course is filled.

Spring I.N.T.R.O. Course:

  • Deadline: December 1st
  • Applications for any remaining positions will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until the course is filled.

These courses require your full engagement, commitment, and participation.  IDS 3913 covers everything from how to find a UCF faculty mentor, careers and opportunities in research, and how to communicate about research. Through this course, students will hear from students, staff, and faculty who are actively involved in research or running programs to support researchers here at UCF. Students will tour UCF research facilities and meet with faculty and student researchers from across campus.

Summer Research Academy:

Students must:

  • Attend all three days of the course.
  • Complete the assignments online before and after the course, as well as during the course.
  • Fulfill all requirements set forth in the OUR Policy on Participation, including passing the class (graded pass/fail).

I.N.T.R.O. Course:

Student participants must:

  • Attend class weekly.
  • Complete course assignments.
  • Pass the course with a C or higher (graded ABCDF).

Summer Research Academy: Undergraduate Research (OUR) offers support to all UCF undergraduate students interested in research. OUR events include workshops, peer mentors, research grants, travel grants, and option to participate in the Student Undergraduate Research Council (SURC). See the OUR website for details.

I.N.T.R.O. Mentoring Program: In addition to the OUR support mentioned above, following IDS 3913, students who wish to continue their path into research or creative scholarship may receive help from staff to:

  1. Prepare for next steps toward careers or  graduate/professional school.
  2. Connect to resources and tools for conducting research.
  3. Understand the available professional development for student researchers.
  4. Network with faculty researchers.

No, a student can only participate in the IDS 3913 course once. Students will enroll in either the Summer Research Academy or the I.N.T.R.O. Mentoring Program. At the time of application, students may indicate that they are interested in both courses; OUR will make the final determination.

Summer Research Academy: Students will have waived tuition for  the 1-credit, 3-day, course. Students will earn a pass or fail grade. 

I.N.T.R.O. Mentoring Program: Students are responsible for the tuition of this 1-credit hour course; see UCF tuition & aid website. Students will earn a letter grade that will impact their grade-point average.

Office of Undergraduate Research: email

Or call 407-823-0101