Recognition for Mentoring

Champion of Undergraduate Research Award

2023 Champions of Undergraduate Research:


Champion of Undergraduate Research:
Dr. Linda Walters
Department of Biology
College of Sciences

CUR Rising Star
Dr. Emily Johnson
Department of English
College of Arts and Humanities

CUR Rising Star
Dr. Jeanette Garcia

Department of Health Sciences
College of Health Professions and Sciences


2022 CUR Faculty Awardees:

Dr. Chrysalis Wright
Department of Psychology
College of Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Caranto
Department of Chemistry
College of Sciences


2021 CUR Faculty Awardees:

Dr. Seetha Raghavan
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Aubrey Jewett, 2021 CUR Faculty Awardee Dr. Aubrey Jewett
School of Politics, Security and International Affairs
College of Sciences


2020 CUR Faculty Awardees:

Dr. Michael RovitoDr. Michael Rovito
Department of Health Sciences
College of Health Professions and Science

Dr. Valerie SimsDr. Valerie Sims
Department of Psychology
College of Sciences

2019 CUR Faculty Awardees:

Dr. Sherron Killingsworth Roberts, Professor of Language Arts and LiteracyCollege of Community Innovation and Education, 2019 CUR Faculty AwardeeDr. Sherron Killingsworth Roberts
English Language Arts Education
College of Community Innovation and Education

Dr. Ali Gordon, 2019 CUR Faculty AwardeeDr. Ali Gordon
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science

This faculty award was first given in 2019 and is designed to honor outstanding faculty mentors who are supporting undergraduate research across the UCF campus and within their own research teams. Honorees are stalwart advocates and prolific, innovative research mentors who have helped build our strong culture of undergraduate research.

Learn more about the criteria and application process by following the link below.

Faculty Mentorship Activity Reports are pulled on each CUR Faculty Award applicant.

Did you know that you can request your own copy of this report at any time by emailing and including your UCFID or EMPLID?

SURC Mentor of the Year

Faculty are nominated for this award by their undergraduate researchers. Nominations are reviewed by the Student Undergraduate Research Council, a group undergraduate researchers from across the campus. Winners are announced annually in April during Research Week.

Congratulations to 2023 Faculty Mentor of the Year, Dr. Humberto Lopez Castillo of UCF’s Health Sciences department.

Previous Awardees

2022: Dr. Nicole Lapeyrouse (Chemistry), nominated by Barbara Chiu and Catalina Lopez-Castilla

2021: Dr. Damla Turgut (Computer Science), nominated by Nafisa Mostofa

2020: Dr. Chase Mason (Biology) nominated by Mari Irving

2019: Dr. Geoffrey Cook (Biology) nominated by Adam Searles

2018: Dr. Stephanie Florczyk (Materials Science and Engineering) nominated by Minh-Chau Le

2017: Dr. Luis Favela (Philosophy) nominated by Zachariah Neemah

2016: Dr. Linda Walters (Biology) nominated by Julie Deslauriers

2015: Dr. Joanna Mishtal (Anthropology) nominated by Tiernan Middleton

2014: Dr. Christopher Parkinson (Biology) nominated by Hollis Dahn

2013: Dr. Joshua Colwell (Physics) nominated by Allison Bratcher

2012: Dr. Karen Mottarella (Psychology) nominated by Emily Edwards

2011: Dr. Andrew Daire (Counselor Education) 

2010: Dr. Bernadette Jungblut (Political Science)

2009: Dr. Michael Georgiopoulos (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

2008: Dr. Ken Teter (Biomedical Sciences)