Programs with Course Credit

Directed Independent Research (4912)

Directed Independent Research (XXX 4912) is a course for students who are working closely with a faculty member on a research or creative project. It is available in most majors to document and formalize independent research activities for undergraduates. You enroll in 4912 with your research mentor.  

Enrolling in 4912 credit ensures that your research experience shows up on your transcript: this is a very good thing for students applying to graduate and professional schools 

There are three ways to enroll in 4912

  • For 1+ credits: This option can, in some cases, fulfill upper-level elective requirements for your major (Please see an advisor prior to enrolling for these credits). You and your mentor should discuss the grading scale when enrolling for credit. You and your mentor will have the option to choose either an A-F grading scale (contributes to your GPA) or an S/U grading scale (does not contribute). 
  • For zero credit: This option is no-cost (tuition is waived if you are enrolled in other credit-bearing courses). It does not contribute (positively or negatively) toward your GPA as it is graded S/U in most cases but is still listed in your courseload on your transcript. 
  • Variable Semester (7 Week Term): This term begins on the 7th week of Fall and Spring semesters. It is a good option if you start a new project in the first half of the term, or missed the Add deadline. It is always zero credit and S/U grade. 

Please note, if you are a university volunteer you are not eligible to enroll in 4912.

The process is done through your academic advisors, not through MyUCF. We strongly encourage starting this process the semester beforehand (some departments and college’s deadlines for registration are earlier than the Add deadline). You will need your faculty mentor’s assistance. 

1. Check with your academic advisor to determine how many credit hours you should enroll in:

    • 0 Credit Hour Option: best for students in a full-load or who do not have the option to take 4912 as an upper-division elective. 
    • 1+ Credits: should only be done if it fits into your academic plan as it may contribute to excess hours 
    • Meet with your faculty mentor to discuss the expectations for this course.  

2. Your faculty mentor will, in most cases, need to create a syllabus built around your project 
3. Contact your advising office to get a copy of the 4912 enrollment form

Deadlines for the Summer and Fall semesters will be updated here.

Need help? If you have trouble with this process, feel free to contact OUR. 

Honors Undergraduate Thesis Program

HUT is an undergraduate research program that provides eligible students from all majors the opportunity to engage in independent and original research. It is modeled after the Master’s degree level thesis, in which students develop their own research question, conduct research, and then write and defend their thesis with the help of a faculty committee.

This program requires that students enroll in at least two courses: Directed Readings I (4903H) and Thesis I (4970H). Upon successful completion of the program, students earn the Honors in the  Major distinction on their diplomas and transcripts.

Note: These courses typically count as upper-division electives, but make sure to consult your degree plan and catalog. For more information about this program, visit  The Burnett Honors College. Please note, if you are a registered as a university volunteer while conducting your research, you can not enroll in a course for it.