Safety and Ethics Resources

Office of Animal Welfare

The UCF Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for oversight and evaluation of the University animal care and use program, its procedures and facilities to ensure that they are consistent with the recommendations of the Guide, AWR, PHS Policy, and IACUC Policies.

Laboratory Safety

UCF’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety provides Lab Safety training for laboratory personnel to help bring awareness to hazards and ensure safe lab practices. Training for faculty, staff, and students includes lab safety policies, procedures and guidelines for UCF research and teaching labs. It also provides lab personnel with information about the hazardous chemicals and physical hazards associated with the lab environment.

Institutional Review Board

This board is a committee that was established to protect the rights and welfare of human participants involved in research. Researchers here at UCF frequently need IRB approval for experiments that involve human subjects. Learn more about the process by clicking the link above.

Research Integrity & Compliance

The Office of Research and Commercialization offers a variety of teams and tools to assure research conducted at UCF adheres with regulatory guidelines and meets the highest standards of responsible conduct. For example, there are resources for potential conflicts of interest, reporting (requirements, etc), and facility security. They are also the umbrella organization for other important resources like the Institutional Review Board and Office of Animal Welfare.