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Meetings Via Teams

July 16, 2021

As part of UCF’s return to normal operations, we are shifting the way we conduct virtual meetings. Effective immediately, internal meetings (e.g., staff meetings and project meetings) should take place via Teams. If the meeting includes participants outside of UCF, you can continue to use Zoom.   

Student events such as workshops, classes, and programs can continue to take place using Zoom. 

Information about Teams Meetings is available in the Microsoft Knowledgebase at

Organizational Changes

May 28, 2021

For the full announcement, download the PDF.

  • Dr. Quynh Dao Dang will be joining UCF as the Director of Experiential Learning.
  • Dr. Wayne Bowen has been appointed Interim Associate Dean in the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS).
  • Dr. John Sacher, an associate professor in the Department of History, has been named Interim Assistant Dean for CUGS.
  • Dr. Danielle Eadens will serve as the Interim Assistant Director for IDS.

Return to Work

The May 26, 2021, CUGS & SLAS Town Hall: Return to Campus presentation is available for download as a PDF.

First slide for the Return to Work Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

One Drive is Changing at UCF

Starting on Friday, September 18, OneDrive will change how it works and how you might currently be using it. UCF IT has set up OneDrive to make it easier for you to access your files and protect them when you have computer issues. For computers running Windows 10, OneDrive will automatically synchronize files located in specific folders. The changes will not change any Macs or personal devices, as well as some laptops and a few computers not managed by UCF IT. Additionally, many former SDES computers and staff will not see any changes at this time.

What is Changing?

OneDrive will continue to operate and work as you are currently using it. If you currently do not use OneDrive, this will not change how you access your existing files on your computer; it will make some them available through OneDrive. For anyone who currently uses OneDrive, you will see additional folders automatically added to your existing OneDrive. Folders that previously existed in your OneDrive will merge, and OneDrive will add any files to its existing folder. For example, if you have a folder in OneDrive named “Documents,” this change will leave all files in the folder and add any files from your computer’s “Documents” folder to the OneDrive “Documents” folder.

The change will be applied automatically, and it will start taking effect after the first time you sign in to your computer directly or remotely after Friday. In some cases, restarting the computer once or twice can help initiate the change. You do not need to take any additional steps or actions.

How Does This Affect Me?

With the changes applied, OneDrive will start the synchronization for files located in several locations.

OneDrive will automatically synchronize the following locations:

  • Desktop
  • Documents folder
  • Pictures folder
  • Videos folder
  • Music folder
  • Favorites (from Internet Explorer only)

The computer will continue to synchronize any files or folders in the locations with OneDrive. Depending on the number and size of files, the initial synchronization process can take a few hours. OneDrive will continue to synchronize in the background. While UCF IT cannot turn-off the changes to OneDrive for any computer or person, Windows 10 has folder locations that will not synchronize with OneDrive. The Support Center can help anyone who needs to store files that do not synchronize with OneDrive; however, these other folders do not have the redundancy and protection provided through OneDrive or any of the other benefits OneDrive provides.

Once everything is synchronized, you can then access your files from almost any internet-connected device without the need to connect through UCF’s VPN. OneDrive has apps for iPhones and Android, and you can also access OneDrive through a web browser. Sharing and collaborating a file or folder no longer requires emailing back and forth or using a file share.

Classrooms and Labs

At this time, the changes above will not be applied to any classroom or teaching computer lab computer. Accessing OneDrive from a classroom computer is still possible through a web browser. OneDrive is an excellent alternative to a USB drive and having to keep track of where the latest version of a lecture or presentation might be.

Resources for Learning More about OneDrive


Support for OneDrive is available from the UCF IT Support Center. The Support Center can help any answer any questions about OneDrive. The information may already be available through UCF IT’s extensive knowledge base that you can access from the UCF IT website.

You can reach out for support by calling 3-5117, emailing, or submitting a ticket through ServiceNow from the UCF IT website at

Please reach out with any concerns.

Transitioning to One Drive and Teams

We are decommissioning the servers owned by the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) and the Division of Student Learning and Academic Success (SLAS) on June 16. Going forward, OneDrive and Teams will house personal and shared files.

Important Dates

By June 15, staff must move files housed on the CUGS and SLAS servers to OneDrive and Teams. On June 16, information on the CUGS and SLAS servers will no longer be accessible.

Staff from units moved from SDES to SLAS should also move files from the SDES servers to OneDrive and Teams.

One Drive and Teams Workshop

On Friday, May 29, Bryce Jackson, our IT Business Relationship Manager, discussed the features and benefits of each tool, demonstrating how to move files and answered questions. 

A PDF of the PowerPoint file used for the training is available to download.

Additional OneDrive and Teams Resources



Hootsuite User Information

Recording of February 4 Training Session (YouTube)


Vice Provost’s and Dean’s Spring Town Hall Forum

Dr. Berry provided a brief update on the college’s and division’s progress, fall academic planning, and the return to campus.

She was joined in fielding questions by a panel of CUGS and SLAS leaders including Associate Vice Provosts Melody Bowdon, DeLaine Priest, and Kimberly Schneider.

Return to Work

The May 26, 2021, CUGS & SLAS Town Hall: Return to Campus presentation is available for download as a PDF.

First slide for the Return to Work Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

CUGS and SLAS Staff Awards Recognition Celebration

Later this spring, the College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) and Student Learning and Academic Success (SLAS) will host its inaugural Staff Awards Recognition Celebration. The ceremony will recognize CUGS and SLAS faculty, staff, and students, for exceptional service and commitment to academic success, UCF Knights, and the UCF Community. The event will be held in conjunction with the division’s inaugural CUGS and SLAS conference at the end of the semester. Years of service awards will also be honored during this event. Six awards will be presented.

Undergraduate Student of the Year*: This award recognizes a student team member whose work demonstrates excellence in supporting UCF’s academic success mission.  The award recognizes a student employee who exemplifies going above and beyond to complete a task, meet UCF students’ needs, and support CUGS and/or SLAS internal processes. 

Graduate Student of the Year*: This award recognizes one graduate student who has proven to be capable of taking on responsibilities beyond the job requirements. The student also demonstrated a sustained high level of performance and exceptional commitment to CUGS’ and/or SLAS’ visions, missions, and goals.

Champion of Student Success (A&P & Faculty) *: This award recognizes an employee whose work has had a major impact on CUGS, SLAS, and UCF, who has excelled in the performance of their duties, and has demonstrated exceptional abilities to lead, serve, inspire, and collaborate with broad impact. This award recognizes a staff member who consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence, professionalism, and integrity in the performance of their duties. 

Champion of Student Success (USPS)*: This award recognizes a staff member who has integrated CUGS and SLAS core values into their daily performance. The award recipient has demonstrated excellence in supporting academics, research, student services, outreach, or administration.

Charge On’ Award**: This award (peer-nominated) is awarded to the CUGS or SLAS staff member (OPS, USPS, or A&P), who most exemplifies the college’s or division’s missions, visions, and goals, by supporting colleagues, contributing to student success, and demonstrating the positive spirit of UCF Knights.

Vice Provost’s Team Innovation Award***: This award recognizes a team, department or group of employees that excelled in the use of innovation and collaboration to meet a goal or objective. This team implemented a project or solved a problem that positively impacts CUGS, SLAS or UCF. This nomination will detail how collaboration and innovation were utilized and why the team was effective in achieving success.

*Nomination by director/supervisor, one nomination in each category per supervisor.

**Peer-to-peer nominations.

***Open to all SLAS team members to nominate. 

Award Criteria

  • Nominee should show clear and consistent efforts to support the college’s or division’s missions, visions, and goals.
  • Staff nominee must have worked in unit/division/college for 1+ years and be a full-time employee.
  • Student nominee must have worked in unit/division/college since at least fall 2020 (10+ hours per week) in OPS, FWS, or assistantship positions.