The Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award recognizes outstanding academic research by undergraduates at the University of Central Florida. For information regarding deadlines and eligibility, please see the Award Programs page.

The following short-answer questions are included on the application:

  1. How did you get started in undergraduate research?
  2. Describe all of your research experiences during your time as an undergraduate student. (Max 3000 Characters with spaces). Be sure to include the following:
    – Descriptions of all research experiences, including what you did and what it’s larger impact is, (i.e. why is this work important)
    – If your research was conducted as part of a group, what did you contribute individually?
    You can include multiple experiences as appropriate.
  3. Were there any difficulties in your research process and, if so, how did you overcome them?

Note to Applicants:

The award selections committee is comprised of educated non-experts and we therefore advise all applicants to remember the reader when crafting their application! Make sure to simplify complex terms or jargon. The ability of applicants to clearly and effectively communicate their project and its importance is weighed in decisions.

The Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award applications are now being accepted via InfoReady. Please visit the Awards page on our website for the correct link to apply.