Conference Presentation Travel Award Application

IMPORTANT: These funds are disbursed to UCF departments, so we recommend that all students applying for these funds first speak to their faculty mentors and the departmental travel coordinator to learn about the travel process in the department.

All Conference Presentation Travel Award applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the conference, where possible.

Eligibility for OUR Conference Presentation Travel Awards:

  1. Only undergraduates may apply for this funding (those who have graduated are not eligible).
  2. Only works completed under the supervision and mentorship of a faculty member (at UCF or another accredited institution) are eligible for this funding, per OUR’s policy on faculty mentors.
  3. All applicants must be listed as authors on an accepted conference presentation at the time of application for travel award funds.
    • Limit: up to two undergraduates per presentation will be able to receive funding
    • If your acceptance email/letter does not list your name, please email to discuss alternative submissions.
  4. Undergraduates may only receive one OUR Travel Award per fiscal year (July – June).
    • Exception: students may receive a FURC travel award and one other travel award per fiscal year
  5. Students must be in good standing with OUR, per our policy on participation.

Application Components:

  1. Proof of conference acceptance, including applicant’s full name and the presentation title
    • In outlook webmail, we recommend Print > Save to PDF
  2. Full length version of the presentation abstract or performance statement
  3. Budget: Must include exact costs for all items listed.
    1. Hotels/other lodging: list the hotel and cost per night (if shared, please list your share of the expense)
    2. Flight: exact costs & airline should be listed
    3. Mileage: if using a personal vehicle, list the # of miles round-trip and calculate the cost at miles x $0.445.
    4. Poster printing: limited to $40
    5. Per diem for meals: if you have room left in your budget, you may request support for per diem to cover food not included in your conference registration. Must follow UCF’s budget guidance for travel.

If you have any questions about the process, please email for assistance.