UCF Student Research Grant

The Office of Undergraduate Research provides funding to undergraduate researchers to support their work. These grants can be used to fund materials or equipment not available on UCF’s campus and travel costs associated with conducting research (not including conference presentations, that travel is covered by Presentation Travel Awards). For details on budgeting, deadlines, and the application process, please see the Funding Opportunities page

LIFE Gerontology Grant: You may use this application to apply for additional funding from LIFE. The award is only for research that supports all aspects of understanding the human aging process, and improvements to the wellness and quality of life of senior citizens.

Eligibility Note: Students are eligible to receive a maximum of two Student Research Grants during their undergraduate career, including group grants. Additionally, only two grants per faculty mentor will be approved in each semester.

Covid-19 Note: University travel remains prohibited unless you or your faculty mentor have received approval. Up to $300 in local travel funds will be available to those who submit approval with the grant application. Contact us at our@ucf.edu for more information.

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