Adaptive Structures for Aerospace Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

We conduct fundamental and applied research at the intersection of structural dynamics and adaptive structures. We work on a variety of projects from structural morphing and energy harvesting to vibration reduction and damping treatments. Adaptive structures create unique engineering opportunities to perform real-time tailoring for structural morphing, vibration reduction, and energy harvesting. We primarily study piezoelectric materials, which couple electrical and mechanical properties (mechanical stress/deformation produces an electric voltage or applying an electric signal induces material movement). Other work involves shape memory alloys, magnetorheological fluids, and dielectric elastomers. Our structural dynamics work involves the vibration, forced response, damping, and component life of complex systems. Our most recent projects focus on extending jet engine blade life by reducing vibration, developing new valves for high-frequency aeromechanics testing, and creating morphing composite structures to modulate airflow.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/8/2024 - End Date: 4/27/2024

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5-20 hour(s)

Student Requirements

Student responsibilities depend strongly on the the student's interests and abilities. In general, students will learn and apply knowledge of adaptive structures and their structural dynamics. In most cases, students also will be paired with a graduate student to provide additional mentoring. Our lab's work involves a mix of theoretical analyses, experimental tests, numerical simulations, and design development. Students contribute in varying capacities, from basic literature reviews and analytical derivations to hands-on experiments and test stand design/construction to finite element studies and data analysis.

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  • Date Posted: 10-08-2019
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    • Orlando (Main Campus)
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