Capturing Carbon Dioxide for Green Fuels and Reducing Greenhouse Emissions - Florida Space Institute

Climate change due the release of massive amounts of human-generated carbon dioxide will lead to significant problems as the century progresses. This carbon dioxide could be a useful material for making a variety of products. By chemically combining hydrogen and carbon dioxide, products such as fuels and plastics could be realized without the need for petroleum. By introducing imperfections into materials like boron nitride, which is currently used in lubricants and cosmetics, the project will develop new chemistry to pave the way towards a carbon dioxide economy. A strong interdisciplinary approach combining chemistry, physics, and engineering is being implemented.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/10/2022 - End Date: 4/27/2022

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C++ programming and familiarity with electronics preferred, but not required

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For EXCEL URE Students Only

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  • Date Posted: 10-11-2017
  • Location:
    • Orlando (Main Campus)
  • Paid: Yes