Machine learning development for functional materials discovery - Materials Science and Engineering

The research will involve developing a state-of-the-art material descriptor tailored for machine learning techniques in computational materials science. This descriptor will enable transformative advances in the design of new materials for sustainable energy and next-generation electronics.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/8/2024 - End Date: 4/25/2024

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

Time Commitment

19 hour(s)

Student Requirements

Required: have good Python programming skills, and have a passion for learning and working on new things. Preferred: have some basic knowledge of quantum mechanics, solid state, and materials physics.

Interested in Working With the Following Programs

For EXCEL URE Students Only

Additional Notes

Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 09-18-2023
  • Location:
    • Orlando (Main Campus)
  • Paid: Yes