Neural Engineering - Electrical and Computer Engineering

There are 3 undergraduate research assistant positions available at the Laboratory for Interaction of Machine and Brain (LIMB).

The first project focuses on understanding how the brain sends commands to thousands of neurons to control a single muscle in the arm. More specifically, we want to measure the activity of the muscles in the arm and estimate how that activity was created from thousands of neurons connected to that muscle. This conversion is called motor unit decomposition. We want to use the existing open-access computer codes to modify the algorithms of conversion and test the conversion using some machine learning techniques.

The second project focuses on building a device that can be used as a benchmark for our touch sensors in the robotic hands. We want precise control over the speed and the amount of pressure (force) a touch sensor touches a surface.

The third project focuses on creating algorithms that can be used to compress data from several sensors into one stream of data. In creating a robotic hand that can feel, one of the challenges is that we have more sensors than we can transmit their data to the individual wearing that robotic hand. So, the question becomes how to combine all the data from sensors into lower-dimensional data that can then be transmitted to the individual wearing the robotic hand.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/8/2024 - End Date: 4/27/2024

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

The students are expected to respect the time commitment of the position and be in the lab if the project requires in-person work. The students are also expected to join the lab meetings.

Time Commitment

10 hour(s)

Student Requirements

Three projects require different interests and skills: The first project requires an interest in a) recording and processing brain and muscle activities, b) machine learning algorithms and implementing them in Python or MATLAB, c) Mathematics. The second project requires an interest in a) building robots, b) force and velocity control of electric motors, and c) 3D design and printing. The third project requires an interest in a) signal processing, b) mathematics, and c) coding (Python or MATLAB)

Interested in Working With the Following Programs

For EXCEL URE Students Only

Additional Notes

Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 09-18-2023
  • Location:
    • Orlando (Main Campus)
  • Paid: Yes