Undergraduate Researcher - Computer Science

We will work on deep learning for visual understanding and multi-modal learning, in image and video domain and focus on tasks such as object detection, object tracking, segmentation and action recognition. You will get to work on advance topics such as large-language models, vision foundation models, in-context learning, and NeRF.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/8/2024 - End Date: 4/27/2024

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

The student will start with basics of deep learning and computer vision. The student will later be responsible to perform some experiments which will be designed for performing action detection in videos using sparse labels.

Time Commitment

10 hours hour(s)

Student Requirements

Good programming skills, Self motivated, Organized, Interest in Computer Vision and Deep learning, The student should have a good understanding of Python coding. It will be highly used during this project.

Interested in Working With the Following Programs

For EXCEL URE Students Only

Additional Notes

Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 09-30-2019
  • Location:
    • Orlando (Main Campus)
  • Paid: Yes