Undergraduate Cartilage Cell and Tissue Engineer - Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

The Kean Cell and Tissue Engineering lab is investigating methods to optimize cartilage growth and regeneration in tissue culture. We do this because arthritis is a major healthcare burden and a severely debilitating disease. Cells have been engineered to express luciferase (like a firefly) reporters when cartilage genes are expressed, these reporter cells are used to optimize culture conditions to achieve physiological stiffness. In addition, 3D printing and bioprinting are being utilized to format the cells into anatomically shaped tissues. The overall goals of these studies are to improve current culture techniques to allow for better drug discovery and the development of a biological replacement tissue. Students will be involved in these projects, aid in general lab duties, learn the principals of research design, execution and analysis.

Project Dates

Start Date: 1/8/2024 - End Date: 4/28/2024

Students Needed

Type of Project


Student Responsibilities

Upon joining the research project, students will be trained in: • sterile culture techniques for mammalian cell culture of primary cells and cell lines • lab automation and high-throughput analysis • cartilage tissue engineering; • good laboratory practice; • literature research and assessment; • academic writing; result presentation and statistics. Following a semester of training students can be involved in the design, optimization, execution and analysis of experiments.

Time Commitment

10 hour(s)

Student Requirements

Students should be enthusiastic, hard working, reliable, ambitious, and conscientious. Ideally you would have an interest in musculoskeletal research. You should be a good communicator, willing to learn new techniques and pass on that knowledge.

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For EXCEL URE Students Only

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Position Overview

  • Date Posted: 10-04-2021
  • Location:
    • Lake Nona
  • Paid: Yes