An Interview with our February DURA Winner, Daniel Rosato

We met with this month’s Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher, Daniel Rosato, to talk about his research experience at UCF. He is currently conducting research with Dr. Kareem Ahmed in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Daniel first got involved with his research experience before being admitted to UCF. He said, “I actually met him (Dr. Ahmed) before I came to UCF. Back when I was on the tour he gave a presentation about his lab and gave us a tour of his lab that day. I knew at that point that I would be in his lab at some point as a student here (UCF).” Daniel states that after following up with Dr. Ahmed via email and sitting down to discuss his goals, he joined the lab. Shortly after that decided to take part in Honors in the Major (HIM) based on his work in the Lab.

Honors Thesis is a program through the Burnett Honors College through which students research, write, defend and publish an original Honors thesis. Honors in the Major is just one of many Honors Undergraduate Thesis Programs that UCF students from all disciplines can apply for.

Since Daniel was in the sixth grade he has wanted to be a propulsion engineer and work on space plane engines. He knew research during undergrad would help him get there. He finds his work with Dr. Ahmed rewarding because it allows him to work on propulsion research while pushing towards his goal of obtaining a PhD and, one day, working in the field he has aspired to be a part of from a young age.

Daniel is graduating this semester and wants to stay at UCF to complete his PhD. He credits research for better preparing him for graduate school. Through his work in Dr. Ahmed’s Propulsion & Energy Research Laboratory, Daniel has gained experiences in conducting research and writing academic publications, two important aspects of graduate school.

Research has helped Daniel and will continue to as he moves onto graduate school. For students interested in getting started in undergraduate research, Daniel gave the advice to,

“look at what you want to do, look who is doing it already, and try to get in touch with them. Be flexible with what you want to do as well, because it isn’t always exactly what you want to do.”

Are you involved in undergraduate research? Would you like to be recognized for your outstanding academic research? If so consider applying for the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award. More information can be found here.